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JUST WONDERING a tribute to those lives lost:

At night i lay awake
thinking to myself
will i die tomorrow
will i just fade away
lost memories
of who i was
the rebel. the warrior
the one that once said
i will never succumb
to the desires
of my oppressors

i no longer dream
no longer
lay in wait
for eventually
time is my enemy
my age ,holds down
the rage
no longer able
to pass the flag
of truth

but ready to die
if necessary
for my truth
what i believe
for my people
for my community
for loved ones
let my flesh
be thrown to jackals
let them eat
for they also
will one day devour
the flesh
of the oppressor
and vomit out
their entrails

for even the jackal
knows of their
their lies
their greed
their lust
for our daughters
so i
will stay wondering
will i live
to see tomorrow
will i just fade away
at the desire
to my oppressors
or will i fight
to my last breath
knowing that i
did what was
in my heart
and died in battle
not for country
but to end the insanity
of what this world
has become

so i
stay wondering
will i have
made a change
being only one
or will the masses
rise and come forth
to honor
our ancestors
our warriors
our true revolutionists
young lords
Richie Perez
Black Panthers
Bobby Seale
Angela Davis
these are my heroes
those that
defied the odds
made change
and rejuvenated
my spirits

so yes i stay thinking
where are today's